2009 Collection Fees:

The fee for the first 30 straws from each buck is $150.  For additional straws it reduces to $4.00 per straw.  There is a $40 service charge for bucks who fail to collect or produce semen of inferior quality.  There is a $60 non-freezable fee for bucks whose semen does not survive the freeze.  The non-freeze fee increases for large orders of semen.  A collection-stop must consist of 10-12 bucks or a desired 300 straws.  All fees are due at the time of collection.

Semen storage is not available through Frozen Assets.


Collection Preparations:
Just a few quick reminders on how to help us obtain the highest quality semen from your bucks: 
  • Good nutrition and appropriate mineral supplements for your geographic location.
  • A low parasite load should always be maintained.
  • Bucks should be used as much as possible (without being over used) up to 4 to 7 days prior to collection.  Thus allowing them to 'rest.'
  • Pen bucks separately prior to collection if at all possible.
  • Trim hooves a few weeks prior to collection (not just before so they won't have sore feet or be afraid).
  • Trim belly hair if necessary.
  • Train bucks so they are comfortable servicing does on a lead (best to start when they are bucklings, so as to prevent them from being shy when collection comes around, not to mention that they will be more well mannered on a daily basis). 
  • Have a good 'in heat' teaser doe or two available for teasing the bucks during the collection (a doe in heat can make a great deal of difference when it comes to getting a desirable amount of good quality semen or often any semen at all).

Farm fresh eggs from range fed chickens are required. Top quality eggs are essential for our semen processing. 

We also need a level place to park the trailer within 50 feet of electricity.  The closer to the actual collection site, the better.  A covered area to conduct the collection is most helpful in hot or rainy weather.  As we need to consider the semen as well as the bucks...not to mention the humans!


Warranty Disclaimer:
Semen processed by Frozen Assets is of highest quality to insure optimum conception rates.  Because Frozen Assets does not control conditions under which its semen is employed, Frozen Assets makes no warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, concerning its products.  The exclusive remedy for the purchaser under warranty contained herein or any other warranties, expressed or implied, required by law, shall be limited to the replacement of the products sold or return of the purchase price at Frozen Assets option.


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