Continental Style Gun $18.00
Continental Style Sheaths 9.50
All-2-Mate Gun 28.00
French Style Gun 28.00
French Style Sheaths 8.00
Modified French Gun 50.00
Needles for Modified Gun 10.00
Cito Straw Cutter 7.50
Quick Response Thermometer 14.00
Non-Spermicidal Lubricating Jelly 4.00
Cito Straw Tweezers 3.00
Slim-Line AI Light 50.00
Extra Wand for Slim-Line AI Light 12.00
Slim-Line Speculums (plastic):
          Small (.75" diameter) 6.50
          Large (1" diameter) 7.50
          Extra-long large 8.50
Black Bristle Speculum Brush (metal handle) 7.50
Natural Bristle Speculum Brush (wire handle) 3.50
Canes .50
Goblets .25


  • Equipment orders are shipped via either UPS or Priority Mail.  Orders under $20, add $12.00 for shipping and handling.  Orders under $50, add $15.00 for shipping handling.  Orders over $50, add $18.00 for shipping and handling. For orders over $100, add $20 for shipping and handling.  Fees increase for very large, special and/or rush orders.

  • Semen can be shipped in a dry shipper via Federal Express.  The purchaser must pay all shipping expenses.  There is sometimes a nitrogen fee as well. A minimum shipment must total $300 or more.  Shipper tanks must be returned to Frozen Assets immediately.  After three days, a late fee of $5 per day will be charged.  We always prefer to deliver semen in person, either to the A.D.G.A. National Show or the A.D.G.A. Annual Convention.  Delivery is also available to scheduled stops during the fall collection tour.

There is a $25 fee for all returned checks! Frozen Assets reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

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